How to Earn $500 a Month in Nikken... and Sustain It

Do what you love and the money will follow.
— Marsha Sinetar

Financial Pillar

I often hear people say that an extra $500 a month could really help their finances. So how popular is this notion? Google statistics report 638,000,000 searches while I write this blog. Pretty popular subject.

This figure is often mentioned when I am talking one on one with potential business partners and how an extra $500 a month could them and their family’s finances.

For this week’s '“The Impetus,” I have recorded a short video on how to make $500 a month with Nikken and sustain it. Given the nature of our collaborative entrepreneurship business it is easy to understand that if you can make $500 a month, you can make $10,000 a month, by teaching others how to make $500 a month.

This is a presentation that I have given at regional and International Nikken events. Each time I give it I am asked if I would make a recording of the presentation. So here it is. Turn your speakers up, sit back and watch so we can all be Healthy by Choice and Wealthy by Choice.