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Self care awakening Magazine

The Self Care Awakening magazine (PDF) provides insights and solutions to some of our major health issues. Perfect for self study, one on one presentations, small groups or to leave with prospective client.

You can purchase a glossy print 10 pack of the magazines for $12.50 just use the button below. 

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Wellness profile

The Wellness Profile is a downloadable/printable PDF checklist that will help you assess overall wellness. We recommend you complete the profile, make some healthy choices and then repeat the profile again. 


Self care awakening Presentation

This PDF copy of our SCA presentation is a comprehensive overview of the impetus for Self Care and how Self Care can give you the tools to Be Healthy by Choice, not by Chance.

You can watch a brief video of the presentation, presented by Dr. Gary Lindner on our YouTube channel (don't forget to subscribe) 


Download a printable copy of the Weekly Self Care Journal


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