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This incentive is aimed at rewarding NEW Direct Consultants who rank advance to Executive or above within the first 30 days of sign up.


Period of qualification:

30 days from the first day of sign up


• Achieve at least 1,500 PGPV (Personal Group Point Volume) during the first 30 days from sign up

• Achieve a minimum of 100 PPV (Personal Point Volume) during this period



• Earn 150 NIKKEN Reward Points (NRP)Nikken Reward Points can used on products for personal use or for use in your business. In order to use your NRP you must call in your order 800.669.8859 opt. 2

• In effect, the new Consultant joins NIKKEN for free!



  • Four Minute Introduction to Self Care w/ Dr. Gary Lindner Video

  • Nikken Team 2020: 2019 Incentive Program w/Jeff Isom (start @ 11:44 into the video) Video

  • How to Make $500 Per Month & Sustain it w/Dr. Gary Lindner Video




Scenario 1: You buy all 3 Wellness Home Packs

Scenario 2: You buy a Water Pack for your home and sell 2 water packs (In your first 30 days you can purchase/sell the water pack and offer free shipping.)