Wellness and Dreams w/ Jeannie Zedan

With Love from Arizona

Jeannie and Ricky

Jeannie and Ricky

My name is Jeannie Zedan and I live in Phoenix, Arizona, however I am from Texas.  I have 4 brothers. I am married now for 28 years to Rick Zedan and we are professional pitchmen, showing our wares, mostly kitchen gadgets, at State Fairs around the country and at our local markets in the Phoenix area.

Q: What is your Nikken Story?

It was at the Oregon state Fair where my Nikken journey began. Ricky and I had all sorts of repetitive use injuries from the demonstrating of kitchen gadgets over the years and I was “living on” ibuprofen, knowing that was NOT a good long term solution.  I was approaching 50 and wondering “how much longer can I continue doing this?” I love what I do, but ouch!

One of my customers introduced me to a product from Japan and asked if I would put it on and see what happens.  I said yes…..it worked for me within a couple of hours and I bought one!  Then she introduced me to the concept of Humans Being More and creating an environment in my home, much like a greenhouse for me and my family………..it made so much sense to me that I decided I wanted to be a part of this wonderful company.  I jumped in and I love it!  I feel really good and I like that and I want people to have the same opportunity I have received.

Q: What is your favorite Nikken client story?

My favorite Nikken client story is one recently.  One of my customers purchased a KenkoGround to give as a birthday gift to her mother in law who is 85 and everyday deals with diabetic neuralgia, arthritis, broken ribs (from a fall) and achy knees.  She had fitful night’s sleep, maxed out on pain pills, and was almost housebound.  Thanks to her KenkoGround she has little or no discomfort.  It’s versatility allows her to shift it when a problem shows up.  Now she has resumed her active life, and can rest easy, while she reminisces with joy on a life well lived.  My customer says the return on investment is really priceless!

Q: Why did you choose Network Marketing?

 I chose Network Marketing because I love having a home-based business! The tax write offs are amazing…….and after being self employed for so many years, I am basically un-employable!  I love the freedom to choose when I work or not.  I also love learning the discipline needed to be an entrepreneur and owning my own life.

Q: You travel a lot! What must have Wellness Home products travel with you and why?

Traveling puts us out of our regular routine and can be so dehydrating and create more stress than we normally have.  I think it is so important to nourish my body as best as I can!

Jeannie w/ her Nikken PiMag Sports Bottle

Jeannie w/ her Nikken PiMag Sports Bottle

That being said, water is my number one priority when traveling, so whenever we drive, we bring our PiMag Waterfall (because we have a van we set it inside the side door, dump a bag of ice in it and along the way of our travels, we have the best water ever). I always have my PiMag Sports Bottle with me, too. When we fly, our PiMag Sports bottles are so convenient and provide the best water and boy do we save money!  Sleep is VITAL, so when we drive we each have a twin size Naturest topper and we share the KenkoDream comforter which is a queen size! The KenkoSeats are in each of our vehicles so as we are driving down the road we are comforted really well!   When we fly, the KenkoSeats become our tiny mattress toppers or sometimes the Cocoon.  The Naturest Pillows are awesome and portable, especially when we fly.  Sleep mask, skin care, Jade Greenzymes (my favorite nutritional), Kenzen Vital Balance for breakfast and/or lunch (YUMMY)…Women’s and Men’s Mega Daily 4, BDZ, Joint (because we are still physically active and it helps lubricate the joints in the body….LOVE this one, too).  WOW, typing this out makes me see how much I really depend on my Wellness Home!  Thank goodness for Nikken.

Q: Your social media handle is @WellnessandDreams. What does that mean to you and to your clients? 

My social media handle is @WellnessandDreams.  For me and my clients being well in the 5 Pillars of Health….mind, body, family, society and finances…will help each of us create our Dream lifestyle!

Q: What do you see in the future for your Nikken business and networking via social media? 

 The future’s so bright for my Nikken business!  So many people still have yet to get the whole picture of what Self Care really is and how our technologies are at the forefront of what Wellness truly is.  Social media has totally opened up a new mindset for me and a new way to network that is so fun and fast.  I am learning all I can to take full advantage of it…….stay tuned! Be Healthy by Choice!