My Nikken Story, Yoko Tsuye, Top Nikken Retailer

Don’t think too much - take time to look around, and you may discover great opportunities.

This week Yoko Tsuye, top Nikken Retailer tells her story. Yoko tells us why she chose self care, Nikken, shares her top tip and what she thinks will be the future of network marketing.

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Nikken Business Models

A few weeks ago, Heather and I took a trip, kind of a business vacation that included a few stops for presentations with some of our friends and colleagues.

Heather took the time to interview Yoko Tsuye, one of our good friends and one of the consistent top retailers in Nikken in North America. As Heather was conducting her interview with Yoko it reminded me of the different types of opportunities that Nikken offers to help anyone improve their financial pillar.  

Many people that know of Nikken and its business model know that it is a Network Marketing company. But as such, it offers three different, but complementary business models for people to choose from.

The Retail Model is where we gather clients and sell Nikken’s result-driven products earning commissions that are paid weekly. The larger your customer base, and retention with repeat orders, the larger your checks. I have many friends in our business that choose this model. Most of them started as customers and from their personal product results decided they would like to earn income and share them with others. Your personal web page (provided by Nikken) is your on-line store and as a retailer your primary activity is engaging people looking for Self Care products to improve and maintain good health. One advantage of Nikken as a retail business is unique, superior products at competitive prices and a wide range of products at different price points. Yoko has become a master at engaging and helping others improve their health with healthy choices from Nikken’s Wellness Home product line. 

The Franchise Model is simply duplicating your retail model with others looking to make money. In my experience, this many time occurs in the same natural progression from one of your customers who has had benefitted from the products and then asks if they can sell them too. This has the advantage of earning you, the sponsor, income based on their sales volume and your own. Your responsibility is to support them and help them in their endeavors.

The Network Model is the model that I choose for my business, but it went through the same organic progression for me personally. I started as a customer, got great results from the product line and decided that I would enroll as a Nikken distributor and share the benefits of the products.  As I became more aware of the stability of the company and its philosophy of living a life in balance the more intrigued and engaged, I became in the network model. The Five Pillars of Health, Healthy Body, Mind, Family, Society and Finances has been the foundation for Nikken since 1975. When I truly looked at these aspects of my life it became apparent that the only pillar that was in balance for me was the financial pillar, pretty much at the expense of the others.  As I built my network, I talked with the people in my life that had similar imbalances in the Five Pillars as myself. I engaged entrepreneurial spirited individuals that wanted more out of life than being an employee or a business owner. For most of us, the biggest challenge was time freedom and multiple sources of income with reproductive residual compensation was the right choice and continues to be.

Currently my Nikken business includes Retail, Franchise and Network models. It is each person’s choice as to which business model best suits their needs and desires.

Nikken’s Wellness Home offers a product line that allows anyone to be Healthy by Choice. Our varied but complimentary business models offer anyone who wants to improve their financial pillar the opportunity to do so.

Be Healthy by Choice, not by Chance