Self Care for the Entrepreneur

The main advantage of working at home is that you get to find out what cats really do all day.
— Lynne Truss

You Are The Boss

When you work from home separating your work from personal life can be very difficult. This makes self care and an active wellness lifestyle crucial to your success as a work from home entrepreneur.

 Here are some simple tips for working from home:

1.     Make your health a priority.

Working from home often means scheduling around the needs of your clients. While your schedule most likely needs to remain fluid. Schedule time for exercise or short walks throughout the day. Exercise has been proven to boost motivation and increase productivity.


2.     Set a sleep schedule.

When you work from home it can be very tempting to sleep in or work very late and not get a good night’s sleep. Often, we perceive sleep as an unproductive part of our day but from a physiological standpoint, it is our most important part of our day. Get eight to eight and a half hours of sleep each night. Sleep Matters!


3.     Get up and get a glass of water.

This is a twofer. You stand up, move, get your circulation going and you are hydrating. Make a point of drinking water. We have friends that actually set an alarm on their phone to remind them to drink a glass of water every hour. Water Matters!


4.     Create a meaningful and rewarding morning routine.

Take time have a good breakfast or a healthy protein shake. Our favorite is a healthy Kenzen Vital Balance pea protein shake. Heather likes to have her shake outside on the patio while soaking up the sun for 20 min and receiving a healthy dose of vitamin D. This is also a great time meditate, pray or make your daily to-do list and get ready for the rest of your day.


5.     Eat Healthy.

We have already mentioned the Kenzen Vital Balance shake as a great way to start your day but it is also perfect for lunch break, especially, if you schedule is tight. Don’t forget to drink your veggies. Yes, you read that right. Kenzen Jade Greenzymes made from organic barley grass is a perfect way to get a serving of veggies into you diet. Jade Greenzymes powder is also a healthy vegan alternative. Don’t forget the fruit. Have you fruit in a delicious glass of organic mixed superfruit juice concentrate Kenzen Super Ciaga.


6.     Read to lead.

Take time every day to improve your mind. This is rewarding not only in learning something new, but it also helps keep your mind sharp and improve memory.


7.     Get out of the house.

While sometimes it is tempting to stay safe in our Wellness Home. Getting out to socialize or network to create new relationships are at the heart of growing your business.  Creating new meaningful connections are also at the heart of self care. Growing your community or tribe keeps you connected, stimulated and motivated to share. Sharing is what we do. Heather and I enjoy meeting new people by engaging and attending events that interest us both. This has the added advantage of connecting with people with similar interests and passions. Depending on your personality, pick activities that you enjoy. We often head to a coffee shop to work; it affords a different environment and opens the opportunity to connect with new people or people we have met there before. Working from home provides us the opportunity to take a break and go for a walk, swim or any activity that helps boost our creative juices, reset and refocus. We love that flexibility.


8.     Stay Connected.

We routinely schedule on-line conferencing with individuals or teams throughout the week. In lieu of in person meetings, this is our favorite way to connect with our team members and potential clients. It doesn’t supplant the face to face live meeting but being able to see the person you are talking with in the video chat room is invaluable for a better conversation and productive meeting. Being able to share tools, concepts and ideas by sharing your screen is a real time saver and learning tool, especially for the 65 to 70% of us that are visual learners.


9.     Support Matters.

Whether you are self-motivated or need some help in getting you where you want to go, plug into your support group. Connect with your upline support group and get to know each of them. You will most likely resonate with a leader or leaders that can be of tremendous help and guidance in building your business and keeping you on track.


Remember, you are your greatest asset. Be Healthy by Choice, not by Chance.