The Skinny on Organic Skincare

The Impetus

Let me begin with a small slice of personal skin history as I entered  my 40's  I was still searching for a skincare routine that actually worked. Myself and my contrary, fair, freckled face had not gotten along in a decade. I had been dealing with rosacea and acne (adult acne) since my early 30's which was about the time in my career I was in front of a lot of crowds either speaking or educating, which only amplified my frustration with my skin. 

So I sought professional help and we tried various topical and oral treatments. This worked to treat my conditions but it did not balance my skin. My skin was either too dry or too oily there was never any respite for my skin or my psyche. Therefore, I continued to diligently search for a solution that respected my skin. 

The Awakening

My search finally ended earlier this year when I tried the True Elements Marine Organic Skincare line. Our skin is our largest organ and our first line of defense so It is just as important to me what I put on my skin as what I put in my body.  I wanted an organic healthy choice but I also needed a complete line that I could afford. What really caught my eye was Marine Organic. my first thought was  marine = moisture and my skin needs non-oily moisture. Through research I also learned that organic = tough. A common myth is that organic skincare is to mild to work on tough conditions but the truth is the extra minerals work harder for your skin. While harsh chemicals have your skin fighting  in the trenches, organic skincare has you strategizing from the safety of HQ. 

The True Elements Marine Organic (TEMO) skincare line contains the seaweed extracts laminaria, chondrus and ulva. These extracts provide trace elements and minerals that boost the radiance of your skin, maintain it's moisture content, aid redness, stimulate cellular metabolism, synthesis of elastin fibers, remineralize and nourish, reenergize and improve skin viscosity. Sea Fennel also helps stimulate cellular exchanges while brown seaweeds and seawater contribute to a toning and remineralizing action. TEMO also includes an A-list of old favorites like; shea butter, sunflower seed oil and aloe. 

Hyaluronic acid in the Youth Activ Serum, Nutritional Mask and the Nourishing Face Cream helps your skin to build a moisture reserve that plumps the skin and stimulates collagen synthesis. Guys and gals, who doesn't want younger, firmer, healthier cleaner skin that doesn't involve a needle or harsh chemicals? 

The entire TEMO line is organic and certified by Ecocert which makes it good for me and the environment. Two things I love and want to keep looking great for years and years to come. 


Our Favorites!

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Written by Heather Abbott, mother of 4, graphic designer, yogi and self care advocate.