The Self Care Revolution


If there was ever a time for a Self Care Awakening it is NOW.

Our nation faces a health crisis due to the increasing burden of chronic disease. Currently, 7 of the 10 leading causes of death are chronic diseases, and almost 50% of us live with at least one chronic illness. People who suffer from chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, obesity, and arthritis experience limitations in function, health, activity, and work, affecting the quality of their lives as well as the lives of their families.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), treating people with chronic diseases accounts form 86% of our health care costs. Nearly 70% of our population are on some type of prescription medication, with an average of nearly 15 per person. Many chronic and degenerative conditions are becoming epidemic.

From reading the preceding paragraph you might surmise that I am talking about the United States, but these same figures (or very close) apply globally.

 Global Health Crisis.


Although the United States currently leads the world in almost every disease and chronic condition.  This is not just a problem here in the U.S., it is global. One-third of adults worldwide suffer from multiple chronic conditions. Disease rates from these conditions are accelerating globally and advancing across every region and pervading all socioeconomic classes. Chronic disease is responsible for 70% of deaths globally and pharmaceutical consumption continues to increase globally driven by a growing demand for drugs to treat chronic diseases, according to the World Health Organization.

 In a recent presentation for the United Kingdom, I summarized the epidemic of chronic disease that Britons are experiencing. In the UK, a 47 percent increase in prescription drugs dispensed over the last decade as reported by the National Health Service. Currently, one billion prescriptions are written every year, with medication reaching a shocking level of 15 prescriptions per individual and 50% of Britons taking prescription medication.

Part of the problem for this dramatic and epidemic rise is due to poor choices. Nearly 90% of Britons are chronically dehydrated.  Sleep deficiency is on the rise across UK, two-thirds have sleep problems and this is called a public health epidemic. The average sleep per night per individual in the UK is less than seven hours.

According to a recent official Health Survey for England 2017, the UK has a weight problem. Nearly two thirds of adults are either overweight or obese, with one third of these obese. The number of people with diabetes in the UK has more than doubled in the last twenty years, Diabetes UK. 2018. Once again, excessive sugar consumption is fueling this problem, with the average Brit consuming nearly 100 grams of sugar daily. Well above the daily recommended consumption.


The four main principles of the Self Care Awakening are not a panacea for all chronic conditions. There are many other factors involved depending on the disease being examined. However, these principles are vital to the health of us all irrespective of our current status of health.

All can benefit from reducing our body burden of toxic chemicals, being hydrated, well rested and reducing our daily sugar consumption and maintaining a healthy weight.

 Chronic disease is not a normal part of life. Up to 80% of chronic conditions can be prevented. My hopes are that this information and corresponding Self Care presentations have enlightened and empowered anyone to employ and share our battle cry for the Self Care Awakening,

 We invite you to look at our most recent video, Self Care Awakening, UK Edition.

Be Healthy by Choice, not by Chance.