Wellness Home on the Go.

The greatest gift you can can give your family and the world is a healthy you.

Hodophiles and the Wellness Home


“Every Home a Wellness Home” is our vision and one of the coolest things about the Wellness Home is that it can travel with you. Heather and I love to travel, we are true hodophiles. Our trips usually include work and vacation time which is a great aspect of being self-employed and having a business that can be done just about anywhere.

Heather and I are embarking on a weeklong trip to Southern California and whenever we travel, we like to take our Nikken Active Wellness products with us. It is reassuring that we will get a good night’s sleep, healthy water for hydration, nutritional support and enjoy the day to day products that we depend on for recovery and relaxation.

Included in our travel Wellness Home products are the PiMag sports bottle for healthy hydrating water.


For a good night’s rest, we rely on the Nikken Cocoon, our Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillows,  Pillowcases and our Kenko PowerSleep Masks.

Recently we have included our KenkoGround earthing mats to our traveling Wellness Home.  I experience a better night sleep while using it with my Nikken sleep products and it has been wonderful for helping Heather release tension. Here is a link to  short video about the KenkoGround.

The Nikken KenkoGround serves as an indoor and portable way to reconnect with Mother Nature. Simply plug it into a grounded outlet and use it under your feet while working, on your mattress while you sleep or even draped around your shoulders. Direct contact with the skin is best. This can be a great product to take with you on the go, especially if you are traveling to areas where weather may prohibit grounding or to big metropolitan areas where grounding can be problematic.

Our Kenzen Vital Balance, Jade Greenzymes and Super Ciaga are vital for our daily nutritional needs and supply our daily requirements for protein, veggies and fruits. This is very important when traveling and dining out more than usual. 

We also include many other Nikken products that we rely on and use daily. The Kenko MagDuo®, Kenko PowerBands®, Kenko jewelry,  Kenko mStrides® insoles and of course our Kenko MagFlex®. We also include a tube of our wonderful CM Complex Cream.

This may sound like a lot of stuff to travel with, but Heather is a master at packing the suitcase.  We travel in style and assured that our Wellness Home on the go supports us to Be Healthy by Choice anywhere we travel.