The ABC's of Self Care Q

Our job is improving the quality of life, not just delaying death.
— Robin Williams

The ABC’s of Self Care Q

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For the letter Q let’s talk about Quality of life.

I think it’s safe to say that quality of life is important to everyone. Although the term “quality of life” has meaning for nearly everyone and every academic discipline, individuals and groups can define it differently. What makes it challenging to measure or quantify, is that quality of life is a multidimensional concept that usually includes physical, mental, and social domains. These are usually qualitative or subjective evaluations of both positive and negative aspects of life. Although health is one of the important aspects of overall quality of life, there are other domains such as jobs, housing, schools, the neighborhood and finances. Aspects of culture, values, and spirituality are also key components of overall quality of life that add to the complexity of its measurement and assessment. In the context of self care we all can and should be the guardians of our own quality of life and what that means to us.

The pressures of daily living, busy schedules, demands of work, inadequate family or personal time, not enough rest, health and financial challenges can lead to a life thrown out of balance and can disturb our quality of life.

Balance is the key. Just as our bodies strive for physiological homeostasis, we must balance all the areas of our lives. Over 43 years ago, Nikken’s founder, Isamu Masuda, recognized this imbalance. He felt that total happiness and wellness depended on living a life in balance in five key areas, what he named the 5 Pillars of Health® — Healthy Body, Mind, Family, Society and Finances.  Leading a balanced life strengthens each of these pillars, and results in a more satisfying, healthy and rewarding lifestyle.

Nikken offers the means to attain this balance, through the Nikken Wellness Home and the Nikken business opportunity. We believe the way to fulfill our mission of a life in balance is through duplication of Wellness Homes. The awesome thing about a Wellness Home is that any home can be a Wellness Home, by utilizing Nikken products and technologies to make your home the healthiest environment possible for you and your family. Our motto is “Every home a Wellness Home”

Healthy Body

We often say in the Self Care Awakening, we cannot put a price on our health. It is our most precious asset. The concept behind the Nikken Wellness Home is to provide our bodies with the tools it needs to be healthy while making healthy choices easy. Clean air; pure energized alkaline water; organic whole food nutrition; deep, regenerative sleep, and organic personal use and skin care products are all part of the Nikken Wellness Home. Nikken’s leading-edge products and technologies have been the cornerstone for providing thousands of people with great physical health. Think of a seedling being grown in a green house where just the right amount of sunlight, moisture, nutrients and protection from the elements allows it to flourish into a lush, green plant. Creating a Wellness Home provides us with an optimal environment that nourishes, protects and energizes us in much the same way. With any category of Nikken products, you begin the process of assisting people with building their Wellness Homes. The Wellness Home concept is universal: everyone needs to sleep well, drink beneficial water and consume healthy nutrition to live a Life in Balance.

Healthy Mind

Our minds are remarkable! What we think determines our success. Many people suffer ‘lack’ versus ‘prosperity’ due to their thinking. When we are in balance, our mind is open to enjoy all the blessings of abundance. Freedom from health and financial stress is a goal that we all can achieve for a greater quality of life.


Healthy Family

In addition to the benefits that a Wellness Home can have for the physical health of a family and its members is the time freedom that a Nikken business allows for a healthy family. One of the crucial components to the success of a healthy family is creating work/life balance. In today’s fast paced environment, it very difficult to maintain the work/life balance that we all desire. Too often people work well past their office hours or skip lunch in order to meet tight deadlines. People are becoming over stressed, over worked, and over tired, which can lead not only to health problems, but also directly affect your home life.

This was always a challenge for me in my previous career and unfortunately work was usually the priority. My profession involved a tremendous amount of travel. I had developed a thriving business that I loved, but it took an awakening for me to see how it was affecting me and my family. I came to an epiphany one day while on a telephone call my wife was giving me the play by play of my son’s little league game over the phone. I didn’t want to miss ball games, by gosh I wanted to be the coach. Although I loved my business it appeared that it did not love me back. Not until I fully understood the 5 Pillars of Health and the importance of maintaining a balance in all five areas did I put a plan into action that utilized the Nikken business opportunity to create more time freedom for my family. Oh, and by the way, I coached baseball for the next 10 years. You can’t put a price on that.

Healthy Society

Have you ever done something for someone, great or small, and felt even better than the person on the receiving end? Giving back to society is vital for living a meaningful and fulfilling life. When we see ourselves as “more”, we can be “more” to others in society. Nikken’s Humans Being More workshops offer fabulous opportunities to improve yourself, thereby allowing you to give more of yourself to others in need.

Healthy Finances

Finances are a major vital component of the Wellness Home. When the finances are affected, then everything is affected. Many people work around the clock often at the expense their family time and their health. They spend most of their lives working, usually too hard and for too many hours, just to make more money. In today’s world, it is very rare to achieve financial security by working for someone else.

Compare that to Nikken, where you have complete flexibility and unlimited opportunity. Earn extra money part-time or develop a new career or an encore career. Build your business and create a steady source of income. We provide the tools, support, the leadership from experienced professionals.

When you create a Wellness Home and teach others to do the same, you generate a healthy lifestyle that provides you with a source of revenue. Spread the word. Educate your Consultants on how to grow their Nikken businesses by building their Wellness Homes as well as by creating repetitive orders for clients who are similarly learning to build their own Wellness Homes. It’s a continual cycle of health and prosperity. As an Independent Nikken Consultant, you can have the freedom to live as you wish. To earn as much as you deserve and to make a difference in the world, helping others.

Humans Being More

The Nikken mission is both simple and inspirational—to help people discover an Active Wellness Lifestyle. We provide the means with The 5 Pillars of Health®. Since 1975, Nikken has provided the innovative products and income opportunity to live a life in balance and to share the message of every home a Wellness Home. Our action plan and easy-to-understand compensation plan create infinite possibilities of building a better future for everyone. It all begins with you and your commitment to the 5 Pillars of Health®.

Have a very happy and healthy 4th of July. We will see you all the following week for our next installment for the ABC’s of Self Care.

Be Healthy by Choice, not by Chance