The ABC’s of Self Care X

Solve for X

A Nikken Wellness Home is designed to address many health concerns, including environmental toxins, contagions, dehydration, poor sleep quality, weight matters and nutrition. In a practical sense, the Wellness Home creates an environment that enables us to make healthier choices every day.

This week our series on the ABC’s of Self Care continues with X. For the life of me, I couldn’t come up with a subject for X, so let’s let X represent the missing factor in your self care program.

Using the four main principles of self care ask yourself:

Am I consciously taking steps to reduce my body burden of toxic chemicals?

Am I drinking half my body weight in ounces of healthy water every day to stay well hydrated?

Is my sleep sufficient or am I trading my health at the expense of fewer hours of sleep or poor-quality-sleep

Do I monitor how much excess sugar I am consuming every day and is it within a healthy guideline?

Each of these X’s in combination and or by themselves can be a causative factor in chronic disease.

SC Weekly Log TN.png

Heather and I have created a weekly journal for monitoring our self care procedures. We often ask new people or subscribers to the to pay attention to a few details in their self care pursuits to be Heathy by Choice. You can download a free, printable copy of the Self Care Journal here or under our “freebies” tab on the hub.

For example, on the Checklist there are questions to solve for the X, such as how much water you are drinking daily. Does X equal half your body weight in ounces of healthy water?

X can also represent what you are doing to reduce your body burden of toxic chemicals, how much and the quality of sleep you’re getting or how much excess sugar are you consuming daily.

Our experience has been that when anyone first accepts and implements the principles of the Self Care Awakening it is beneficial to journal your activities until they have become every day activities and habits.

Here is a short description from my good friend, Royal Diamond Dave Johnson on how his day incorporates Nikken Active Wellness products for self care and Being Healthy by Choice.


NIKKEN dramatically changes some of the most common things we all do every day.

I love getting an exquisitely good nights rest on my Naturerestmattress pad and amazing Kenkothermcomforter. Great sleep makes all the difference.

I get up and pour a glass of the most delicious and healthiest water in the whole world, spoon in some Jade GreenZymesmaking every cell in my body healthy and happy.

I go for a walk or some kind of workout with my beautiful wife, and then feed my body and mind with the concentrated natural goodness of Kenzen Vital Balance. Wow I love that stuff!

And then I take a shower and now I've become a teenager again - I can't get out - the microbubble shower feels just too good! Can you remember the old dial soap commercial? To paraphrase them: Aren't you glad you use NIKKEN? Don't you wish everyone did? I know that if everyone used the NIKKEN products, there wouldn't be any health crises!”

Dave has been an advocate for self care and the Nikken Wellness Home for over 25 years. You can read between the lines how easy and simple his self care choices are for him. You can also hear his passion for sharing these products and concepts to others so they too can be Healthy by Choice.

I agree with Dave that we have a solution for the health crisis, health care needs to become self care. It all starts with our own individual plan for a healthy life. The Nikken Wellness Home and Active Wellness Products provides simple, easy and affordable choices to accomplish this goal.

As I have many times said, it is not just one thing that makes us sick, it stands to reason that not just one thing can make us healthy. Self Care and Nikken ActiveWellness Home products provide an integrated approach to BEING HEALTHY BY CHOICE.