Break the Sugar Addiction

Recommended Daily Sugar Consumption

Do you know how much sugar you consume daily? Do you want to know? The fact is you NEED to know. 

The Impetus

According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) over 70% of Americans are overweight or obese. This can lead to severe health issues and/or chronic diseases. The CDC predictes 1/3 of the American population will have diabetes by the year 2050. 

Public enemy No. 1 is sugar. To learn more watch the short video "Weight Matters: The 1st Few Pounds."

The Awakening

What can you do? The first and easiest step is to read labels. We mean all labels. We have seen sugar added to "organic" asparagus in the produce section. 

Second log what you eat and the sugar content for an entire week. At the end of the week add up the sugar then divide by 7 and this will give you your average daily sugar consumption. Then evaluate and eliminate or substitute foods with less added sugars. Third continue to read labels. 

Kenzen Vital Balance

Kenzen Vital Balance

Our favorite way to  break the sugar addiction is a healthy Kenzen Vital Balance (KVB) shake. KVB is sweetened with organic moringa and monk fruit. Have a shake twice a day if you wish to loose weight or have a shake when you are craving something sweet. 

We always recommend you do your research so you can be healthy by choice and not by chance.