The Beginning of Discovery

Skeptical or Cynical?


Following a recent event where I was speaking, I was approached by a woman who said she really enjoyed the Self Care Awakening talk I had given. I thanked her and asked if she had questions about the information presented. She responded with, the information was very good, but that she was a very skeptical person. For those of you that have been following Self Care and our subject matter, you might ask as I did, what is there to be skeptical about? Thankfully the teacher in me surfaced and I really wanted to know if she was skeptical or cynical. I have no issue with skepticism as it is a very important part of the discovery process.  It’s easy to confuse being a skeptic with being a cynic The word skeptic is derived from the Greek skeptikos, meaning “to inquire” or “look around.”, which is a good thing. I do take issue with a cynic, who distrusts anything that is contrary to their belief. The first thing I had to ascertain before continuing the conversation was if I was talking to skeptical or cynical individual. As the conversation continued it became apparent that she was skeptical and looking for more information to help her process the Self Care Awakening. We talked about each of the subjects that I had just presented.

Water Matters


I asked our guest if she was skeptical about being well hydrated and if drinking enough water each day to counter balance our daily loss of water (about 10 cups) was a good idea.  I referred her to “Down the Hatch”

Sleep Matters

Was she skeptical that sleep matters and we need 7.5 to 9 hours sleep a night to avoid sleep debt? That lack of quality sleep can adversely effect our health and that sleep is our most important part of our day. Referencing What Sweet Dreams are Made of…

Weight Matters

Might it be a good idea to have some measure of how much sugar we are consuming daily? And that it might be a good idea to limit that consumption to a healthy level.  Self Care Defense 101: Hidden Sugar


Environmental Toxicity and Pollution in People

Was she skeptical that we live in a toxic world and that accumulation of these toxic chemicals could influence our health? Might it be a good idea to filter our air, drinking water, bathing water and take steps through good sleep, proper hydration and limiting processed foods to lower our internal pollution, our Body Burden. The Body Burden

These may sound like simple steps to be Healthy by Choice, but sometimes the simplest ideas have the greatest skepticism. Welcome the skeptic and provide the information so they can take the next step to be Healthy by Choice. None of us can afford to be cynical enough to leave our Health to Chance.

author: Gary Lindner, Ph.D.